The Truth

On October 7th of 2013 I hit a terrible low with my bipolar. The man I was in love with and I thought I was going to marry dumped me and I tried to  kill myself. I spent a month in a coma completely fighting for my life, hooked up to dozens of machine that were circulating my blood and breathing for me. I slowly got better and I spent a total of 115 days in the hospital. Many of you reached out to me both emotionally and financially.

I have a difficult time writing about this because of how much all of your support means to me. You all have been there for me repeatedly. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life. :) It brings tears to my eyes. But I need to ask for your support and help again. I am finally in a position where I can physically live on my own and I have no other choice but to. My living arrangements have become toxic and are hurting my recovery. I need to raise money so I can move this month. If you can help please send money to my gofundme. The link is listed in the previous post. If you contribute $200 you can have my phone number for unlimited texting. For $100 you can receive all content I have made myself, which is available on

I appreciate your continued support!

Follow the Yellow Brick road

First off I want to start by thanking everyone for the amazing support love and donations during what has been without a
doubt the toughest time of my life. THe kind words from fans have been more helpful then you could ever know. I’ve been
out of the hospital now for about a month but there’s a long yellow brick road of recovery in front of me that I’ll have
to take one step at a time.
My first steps are actual literal steps;. I’m walking but with a cane. I can go a little further each day and hopefully
within 6 months I should be cane free. After the hospital I had to move out of Washington back to my old home, but
luckily that means I have a great support system of family and old friends. One of my friends was even kind enough to
head up to my old apartment while I was in a coma and move my apartment into storage.
The next step on my journey is to start living as an individual again. I know that sounds a little weird , but although
the support from family has been helpful it’s weird to be 22, back at home and not independent. So one of my first steps in moving on to becoming a person again instead of the “household gimp” is to have my own stuff again. To raise money for th U-haul I’ve switched up the donation packages so you can get lots more goodies for helping me out. The new donation packages for each level are

$10 – A special thank you video from me and access to updates on how I’m doing during recovery (included in all above levels as well)
$25 – Gets you any 2 picture sets of your choice from my home content collection
$50 – Gets you any 3 videos or 4 picture sets
$100 – Gets you a signed magazine + a signed and kissed head shot
$150 – Gets you a special intimate F.C. worn article of clothing + headshot
$250 – Gets you ALL my homemade videos and pic sets which include Girl/Girl, POV Boy Girl, Blow job, Public, and more (normally over $300)
$375 – Gets you all my pics and vids + my phone number for texting priviledges for one month
$4500 – Gets you a day date with FC in LV. Be the first fan to get to meet me and hang out with me live. Once I’m better we’ll have a fun filled summer day in Las Vegas together. Walk the strip, grab a sip at the bar, or ride in a roller coaster car above the stratosphere. Plus get everything else from above handed to you in person, including the kiss ;)

To donate just go to it’s quick, easy, will help me out a lot, and will get you some fun presents in return ;)