So BAD news: my taxes got all messed up and I couldn’t get a grant to go to school. So now I have to wait until fall semester. It’s a giant bummer, but for the best. Because I am now having another surgery on my foot. The details are still being set and I’m not exactly sure what their doing. But it will be in then next month. So I will not be able to get a job until after. Also, Matt Smith is coming to a comic con I’m attending. His autographs are super expensive g so if any Whovians want to donate to my gofundme, I’d love that. In addition I am still offering my vids for $100. In addition, today only you can buy my phone number for $100. I’m also looking to meet new friends. So if you would like to get to knsow me please email me.

The Truth

On October 7th of 2013 I hit a terrible low with my bipolar. The man I was in love with and I thought I was going to marry dumped me and I tried to  kill myself. I spent a month in a coma completely fighting for my life, hooked up to dozens of machine that were circulating my blood and breathing for me. I slowly got better and I spent a total of 115 days in the hospital. Many of you reached out to me both emotionally and financially.

I have a difficult time writing about this because of how much all of your support means to me. You all have been there for me repeatedly. I am so lucky to have all of you in my life. :) It brings tears to my eyes. But I need to ask for your support and help again. I am finally in a position where I can physically live on my own and I have no other choice but to. My living arrangements have become toxic and are hurting my recovery. I need to raise money so I can move this month. If you can help please send money to my gofundme. The link is listed in the previous post. If you contribute $200 you can have my phone number for unlimited texting. For $100 you can receive all content I have made myself, which is available on mygirlfund.com

I appreciate your continued support!